Hello World!OnePieceBakery.com is here.


Assalamualaikum and a very good evening to all.
After a long battle this month, finally I managed to complete up to 80% of this website. I decided to open up this website even though there is still major and minor works to be done around this website.One big reason for this is because we (me and my wife) really really miss our reader,viewer and clients. It’s true, that I personally think OnePieceBakery won’t be at this rate if there is no supporter from the clients, friend and comment from the readers.

The old free website that we created long time ago, still keep on bringing traffic and business until this date. Eventhough we haven’t updated it for ages :). The website will soon be close for certain reason that we won’t continued using their services anymore.

Orait guys, now for the fast content of this first post. First of all, I would like to remind you that ‘yes, there will be a lot of grammatical error’ for this I apologized if it hurt your eyes :D. I’m still learning and will continued learning in writing. This website (especially the blog part) will be done in dwi-language style.  As Hajar prefer it to be written in Bahasa Malaysia (so that she can easily enjoying the sharing session with you guys), I  on the other hand feel that we still need the content to be in English medium (some post off course) so that we can communicate with a bigger community in this bakery and pastry world. What do you guys think about it?.

I’m not going to mumbling long on this first post. Just asking a little favor here, please feel free to explore our pre-constructed website and come here put a comment on what you guys think about it,what do you want to see. Any comment and suggestion will be read personally by us. We really really need your input, it really make us  here feel alive. This is also part of our ‘Testing and Commissioning’  stage.

I guess that will be all. I can’t wait to start posting and share the latest cakes and cupcakes works we have been working on since the last of March (yes, there is a lot lot new design coming actually). Ok ..do jot some comment down :).