Handy Manny Cake and Cupcakes

Assalammualaikum and Hi to all,

Wheww! what a long long time to update again my blog. There is a lot actually going on here in OnePieceBakery Land of cake creation Open-mouthed smile.

Let me see where should I start first? Oh well, let start with this statement then “Ada orang, blognya tiada post yang baru. Penat masuk sahaja” (Translate : “There is this guy and a blog but no update.Wasting my time checking it”).

Sound harsh eh?. Can’t agree more. It’s true what most of my bloggers friends said,

“Anyone can create a blog but can you maintain and keep up with the updates?”

Why having a blog then in the first place? One might ask.
Because blog keep us connect with all the friends and fans who always be there as an X factor that drive where we are now, and to this answer, I have made a promise that from now on I will with all my effort to updating this blog and share all the stuff that we want to share with you guys.
(Oh Mighty ALLAH, give me the strength to sharing and caring).

Opss, here I go again (hajar will scold me everytime I start writing a post, “Mahu tulis novel ke?”). Lets not be sidetrack from the main title of this post. I guess I will share 2-3 good news on the next post (yeah, keeping up with the blogging update hehehe).

Hajar are on leave currently, she are not going anywhere by the way. Just having a few months of not playing with her beloved cakes,cupcakes,flour,etc. Once in a sunny days she still came to the kitchen and start experimenting some recipe, and when this happen, we are so happy! (it’s when we can taste all this new pastry stuff. YUMMY!)

By not having Hajar in the kitchen, it leave me alone then to take and do all the order (ehem! I can baking and design too Winking smile ). Recently I got a repeat order from Puan Eita. We did her Thomas the train cake if I still remember, and this time she ask us to make for her boy the Handy Manny cake and cupcakes. Cartoon is one theme that I enjoy most in design it (no wonder my aunt still yelling at me untill today “Sudah tua ada anak dua pun masih tengok kartun? ).

We take the job and this is the outcome. Enjoy!


Handy Manny Cake | 1Kg


Handy Manny Cupcake | M25